#017 Dark Relaxing Angel

It’s been awhile. So I decided to work on a post with a new look. I rather like this one so I hope it sticks. This photo was taken at a new place that I discovered and it’s rather beautiful. Dark and mysterious – a perfect place of a lonely dark angel to roam.

017 Dark Relaxing Angel

Body Parts
Hair :: Exile – Wink @ Arcade March 2016
Body :: Maitreya – Lara @ Maitreya
Skin :: [hush] Piper – Java @ Hush

Eyebrows :: Alaskametro – Raven @ Alaskametro

Outfit :: =Zenith= – Guardian Of The Stars  (Black) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Picture Taken At
Dante’s Inferno

#7 Fairy of Souls (from former blog)

I’ve been growing a lot as a blogger the more I do.  Seven posts in and I am officially sponsored by three very great and wonderful stores.  I thank each and every one of them and all creators as without them where would we bloggers be today?  So in keeping with this thankfulness, I’ve decided to start a line of posts centered around a set of skins from LoveCats.  Her Fae skins have always been a favorite of mine and I wanted to try and do them justice.

As soon as I got a hold of them I had to blog them.  Mind you they aren’t new but things always grow better with age.  As they say.  The beautiful thing about this line of Avatars is that they come with the skin, matching ears, matching tip-toe feet, wings, and anklets.  Alphas are provided.

Body Parts
Avatar :: Spring Fae/Elven in Purple @ LoveCats
Hair :: Daisy Hair – Bubble Goth @ Olive

Clothing & Accessories
Bra & Veil :: Dangara (Violet) @ Aisling
Skirt & Panties :: Dangara (Violet) @ Aisling

#3 Lift You Up (from former blog)

While the Fantasy Gacha is almost over – there is still plenty of yummyness to go around!  Let me share alittle with you!

So my feature for this post is the =Kio= Stories – Asian Set from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Feb 2015!  I’m a sucker for anything that has a Asian flair to it and this set took the cake.  You play the machine for 75L each pull and you have your luck at getting pieces of one of three sets.  The rares for it are the Headdresses which, might I said, are very well done.  For the commons you get the cuffs and collar set, the top, the skirt, and the upper arms.  That makes for a total of 15 items to collect if you want all three sets.  The skirt and top come in the standard sizing sets so no matter your shape I’m sure you’ll find something to fit!  The Carnival last till Mar 15!  So hurry down and play till your hearts content while you can!

The pose I used for this picture was one that I happened to custom make myself.  You can find it on my MP store which I will include a link too at the bottom of this picture.

Outfit :: =Kio= Stories – Asian Set – Fantasy Gacha Feb 2015
Pose :: Lift You Up by .::PK::. Pink Kitty